We all love the Wisconsin Badgers, but after a few years of searching around the internet our founder, Andy Coppens, felt there needed to be a place where we could nourish a true community of Badger fans willing to think outside the box.

Out of that desire MadTownBadgers.com was born on January 8, 2012. Since then we’ve been in person for Men’s soccer, Women’s soccer, football, Women’s basketball, hockey, and much more in an effort to give you - the fellow fan - more than just talk of the normal kind.

Giving fans more than the usual fodder, MTB proudly produces the only podcast dedicated to all Wisconsin Badger athletics - Badgers Power Hour. Subscribe and don’t miss an episode.

Our Motto is - “Keeping it Bucky” and we hope to keep you up to date with informative, thoughtful, and fun articles, videos and more.

To that end we have a staff of dedicated folks covering a variety of sports, so let’s introduce you to them all:

Andy Coppens - Managing Editor
He is the founder of MadTownBadgers.com and works as the co-managing editor of TheB1GTime.com (a Big Ten-centric sit). Andy’s been a fan of Wisconsin sports for 31 years and considers Saturday’s at Camp Randall heaven on earth. His journey has taken him to some amazing events and he’s been privalged enough to interview some of the biggest names in Badgers history.

He is also the host of the world famous Badgers Power Hour and currently resides in Titletown, USA (a.k.a. Green Bay, WI). Outside of the Badgers world Andy enjoys good beer, good times with friends and his Iowa State Cyclones as well. You can find Andy on Twitter @andycoppens.

Cole Brown - Basketball Reporter
Cole is one of the smartest minds of the up and coming generation of Badger fans - he only knows winning - and is the youngest member of this staff. He provides a fresh look at Badgers basketball and is a huge, HUGE fan of the Milwaukee Bucks as well.

Cole hails from Milwaukee, WI and can be seen frequenting the Kohl Center every winter. You can find Cole on Twitter @colewbrown.

Jay Swenson - Basketball analyst
Jay joined the staff in the summer of 2013 and his primary role is in analyzing Badger basketball. Jay has experience in the blogging community and journalism in general. He’s a dedicated Badger stuck in the Land of Lincoln. You can find him on Twitter: @sweeny916.

Sawyer Bock - Hockey beat reporter
Sawyer joined our staff in 2014 as the newest hockey beat reporter. He is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin and is studying communications. Since joining our staff he’s become our eyes and ears on the ground floor of the Badgers hockey and football programs. Sawyer used to be able to be found among the Crease Creatures and can be found on Twitter @YoungSawyer_.

Paul Kilgas - Legal/NCAA analyst 
Paul is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the UW School of Law. His focus on the legal side of things happening around the program and the NCAA in general. His knowledge of the law and experience in dealing with NCAA regulations will help bring us a unique voice on the inner-workings of the ever-changing world of collegiate athletics. Join him on Twitter: @PaulKilgas.

If you have questions, would like to join our staff or advertise with us you can contact us at mtownbadgers at g mail dot com.