Badgers Power Hour: Changes are a comin’

Welcome to the newest edition of the world famous Badgers Power Hour - that's right we've had listeners from all over the world folks. Today's episode is all about changes, changes to plans of certain Badgers, changes in vendors for UW Athletics, and changes to the look, feel, and home of Badgers Power Hour. 

First, after taking your votes and those of our staff here at MTB, let me introduce you to the brand new logo of Badgers Power Hour: 

We want to thank all of you that voted and we have to say it was a narrow victory for the winner. Now, that's not the only change. Our podcats version of the LIVE show will no longer be on BlogTalkRadio as we make a move to complete independence there. So, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube page and to the podcast's new home on iTunes (gotta love businesses that won't do something they can do to help out customers that have been loyal to them - right blogtalkradio?)

So enjoy the changes and the newest edition of Badgers Power Hour, which goes LIVE at 6:30pm Central right here: 

Andrew Coppens

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