The Motion W: Episode 10

It’s Tuesday and that means a brand new edition of The Motion W on Badger Sports Radio featuring our Managing Editor Andy Coppens is upon us. The show has hit the 10 episode milestone and there is a lot to go over in this episode.

The duo of Andy and Nate hit up the following topics on the show:

  • Border Battle victory recap
  • Bo Ryan’s Ironman future
  • Traevon Jackson’s impending return
  • Badger basketball at Maryland preview
  • Spring Football Preview of RB position

Don’t forget that you can get every episode by following the show on Twitter @TheMotionW & all the shows on Badger Sports Radio vis @BadgersRadio.

Andrew Coppens

About Andrew Coppens

Andy is a member of the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA). He is the Managing Editor of MadTownBadger and associate editor of Bloguin's World Cup site, as well as Publisher of Big Ten site