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The Motion W Podcast: Van Vliet becomes a Badger & #GreatestBadgers chatter

After a week off, Andy and Sawyer are back at it behind the mic. That’s right, it’s the triumphant return of the famed Motion W Podcast. We’re turning 25 episodes old, so it’s time to celebrate…with some interesting banter and a brand new feature.

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In this episode we’ll talk about the latest in Badgers football and basketball recruiting and get you going on the debate surrounding our big #GreatestBadgers of all-time list. We discuss the 1st two names on the list, and you can check out our full profiles here and here.

Just who were those members of the 50 #GreatestBadgers of all-time? You’ll just have to tune in below.

Andrew Coppens

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