Welcome to “The Motion W” on VSporto Radio

Welcome to a new era of coverage for your Wisconsin Badgers, as our editor Andy partners with a great internet radio company called VSporto Radio. It’s all college sports, all the time. The Badgers and other teams each have their own dedicated 24/7 channel, where you can hear all sorts of shows dedicated to the Cardinal and White.

So, if you can’t get enough of the Badgers we’ve got the home for you and a brand new show called “The Motion W” — where Andy and former MTB staffer Nate Woelfel will give you insight, opinions and interactivity on all things Badger sports.

What this show won’t be is a reincarnation of Badgers Power Hour, but that isn’t a bad thing as we give you a fresh look on the world of the University of Wisconsin and get you, the listener involved.

Our first episode comes today, on the heels of Gary Andersen’s comments about the admissions standards and Bronson Koenig beginning to emerge as a future star at point guard. We’ll talk that and much more.

Make sure to give us a listen here:

Also make sure you’re following along for the release of the official Badger Sports Radio app from VSporto in the near future. The app will be launching soon, but in the meantime be sure to follow @BadgersRadio for all the information on the release of new episodes of “The Motion W” and all the other shows on the Badger Sports Radio site.

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