Our countdown rolls on and today we look at #13 Duje Dukkan with 13 days until Badger hoops tip off! Yes, we know it's actually 12 days, so sue us… We're a day behind!! 


Dukan averaged just 3.2 minutes last year. He was considered the 5th man in the Badgers' frontcourt behind Berggren, Evans, Bruesewitz and Kaminsky. With Same Dekker coming on to the team this year, Dukan could see his time drop off even more. 


Dukan averaged 8.8 points every 40 minutes on the floor. This stat isn't too significant considering he only played in 13 games, but it still shows he can contribute offensively with time. Dukan is a long, lengthy player who's pretty athletic for his size. He's got a respectable jump shot that forces defenders to come out to guard him, which opens up opportunities for him to drive.


Dukan has played in 21 games in his two year career at Wisconsin. Most of these minutes haven't been too significant, but he has found some time in big games. Inexperience may be a disadvantage for him this year.  

Cole's 2012 projected stats for Duje Dukan: 4.2 mpg, 0.7 ppg, 1.1 rpg

Analysis: Dukan should see some decent minutes early in the season due to Bruesewitz's absence. But like I said, the UW frontcourt is very talented and deep this year, and I doubt Dukan can find a role in it. Bo will definitely give him chances to prove himself, but I seriously doubt he can beat out guys like Dekker and Kaminsky for time. It might be a long year on the bench for Dukan.