BEHIND THE JERSEY NUMBERS: #32 Days, Evan Anderson


That's right, it's back to back days here on our "Behind the Jersey Numbers" series, our countdown and inside look at all the players on the Wisconsin basketball roster. Up today is No. 33, Evan Anderson.

Anderson is entering his 3rd year as part of the program but the redshirt sophomore center hasn't been a major force after much hype surrounding his signing by the Badgers. I guess that's the nature of signing any big man from in state though, huh? 


That's the number of minutes played per game by Evan Anderson in his career as a Badger. But, he's played in just 14 games (all last season) as a redshirt Freshman. Expecting those numbers to go up could well be a good assumption, but I'll have more on that later.


Anderson is averaging less than a point per game in those 14 career games so far for the former McDonald's All-American nominee.


That's the weight of Anderson and it makes him the heaviest player on the basketball team. As a true center that should be expected, but perhaps as a player going into just his 3rd year it may surprise people that it's not someone like Mike Bruesewitz or Jared Berggren.

Projected Stats: 6 min/game, 2ppg, 1bpg, 13 assists on the season

It's just a hunch on my part, but with the lack of a ton of depth on the front line and Anderson being a veteran on this team I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him than we did last year on a game by game basis. I'm guessing he also see's action in nearly every game this season. Moving forward this could be the year to get him some decent experience because he'll be needed in a bigger role no questions asked in 2013.

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