Beyond the Box Score: Wisconsin 70, Nebraska 55

After tough losses both on and off the court, the Badgers needed a good response.

They got it with ease.

Wisconsin withstood a Terran Petteway first-half show and pulled away comfortably in the second half for a 70-55 win.

Let’s take a quick look at the box score.


  • The Badgers were 11-21 from behind the arc. Along with this, Kaminsky and Koenig were a combined 7-9. It was good to see both of them have good games for different reasons. First, it looks like the concussion concerns are behind Kaminsky. Second, Koenig needs to step-up and record a lot of quality minutes. It’s no longer enough just to tread water and provide a spark, he needs to be the man. He was last night, and he did it while playing 37 minutes.
  • Wisconsin went 1-7 on lay-ups. Good thing the Badgers were shooting well from outside, because, apart from three dunks, the Badgers were struggling finishing at the rim. This was definitely a team stat as five different players missed at least one lay-up. This lack of finishing hurt in the Duke game and could come back to haunt the Badgers later in the season.
  • Nigel Hayes hit 3 of 6 jumpers. Nigel came to Madison with a decent mid-range game, but he’s really solidified that shot over the summer. The one shot that really sticks out last night was the turnaround fade-away jumper. It’s literally un-guardable and he hits it with consistency.
  • The new starting five was a +5 on the night scoring-wise. If you’ve missed the last couple Beyond the Box Score’s, each game I’m mentioning a line-up +/- (h/t scacchoops.com). This means that when the starting five was on the court together, they scored five more points than they gave-up. The plus five is a good start for the five, but I still wouldn’t mind seeing it a little higher.
  • The starting five of Nebraska was a +9, while switching just Shavon Shields and Tarin Smith brought the group to a -10. This shows that the Badgers were able to take advantage when Smith was on the court instead of Shields. What makes it even more impressive is that a group of five that includes Petteway was a -10.
Jay Swenson

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Jay is a Badger fan currently living in Central Illinois. He has written for several newspapers as a freelance writer, and was the Western Illinois basketball beat writer while in graduate school.