Big Ten Basketball Roundup

The Big Ten Conference has been nothing short of madness this year. 11/12 of the teams have records over .500 for the year. It seems as if any team can win on any night,big_ten no matter where or who they’re playing. Winning the conference is going to take a string of huge wins and a very tough team. It looks like it’s going to be one of the closest races in Big Ten history. Looking at the rankings, it seems like 7 teams have a shot to win. Here is my opinion on the Big Ten’s top 5 teams.

#1: Ohio State

(18-3, 6-2 Big Ten)

Clearly the Big Ten’s top team, the Buckeyes have the best overall record at 18-3. Their 6-2 record in conference play is the best in the league tied with Michigan and Michigan State. OSU will face some huge tests that will make or break their B1G title hopes. On Sunday they host Michigan, a game they should win. On February 4th they come to Madison to take on the Badgers. Last year OSU came into the Kohl Center undefeated and ranked #1 overall. The Badgers won the game 64-60. OSU is surely looking for revenge. Two other big tests will be playing at Michigan State and Michigan. If Ohio State can win 2 of those three road games, they’ll have a very good shot at the Big Ten title.

#2: Michigan State

(17-4, 6-2 Big Ten)

Yes, I know that Michigan defeated MSU 50-49 ten days ago. But the Spartans have won 17 of their last 19 games and are playing great basketball. While the upset loss at Northwestern was tough, you can’t be discouraged by those kind of games in this league. The Spartans still have to host Michigan, Ohio St. and Wisconsin. If the Spartans can keep up their play, they have legit B1G title hopes.

#3. Wisconsin

(17-5, 6-3 Big Ten)

I’m pretty sure Michigan fans aren’t liking this one. The Badgers are the Big Ten’s hottest team winning 6 straight games after a 0-3 start. Wisco has two huge wins beating Illinois at Assembly Hall and Indiana at the Kohl Center thursday night. If Wisconsin can beat Ohio State on February 4th, they will be close to controlling their own destiny in the Big Ten race. Out of these top 5 teams, Wisconsin has the 2nd easiest schedule. If they can beat OSU at home, they’ll have to play on the road at Michigan St. and at Ohio St. Otherwise, they play a bunch of unranked teams. I doubt this Badger magic will last much longer though. If Wisconsin could have held on against Iowa or Michigan State at home, they’d be the team to beat in the Big Ten.

#4. Michigan

(16-5, 6-2 Big Ten)

While I love what Michigan has done so far, they have a very tough schedule coming up. Don’t get me wrong, wins against Wisconsin and Michigan State were huge, but their biggest tests are yet to come. Their next 3 games are @ OSU, vs. Indiana, and @ MSU. I don’t see them winning 2 of those games. Later on they have to play OSU again, too. If Michigan can prove me wrong and get some big road victories, they’ll have a shot at the title.

#5. Indiana 

 (16-5, 4-5 Big Ten)

Coming off a loss at the Kohl Center thursday night, the Hoosiers now have 5 Big Ten losses and slim title hopes. Indiana already has huge wins over Ohio State and Michigan. But bad losses at home to Minnesota and @ Nebraska are really hurting the Hoosiers. They have by far the easiest schedule left in Big Ten play. Their biggest challenges come @ Michigan and Purdue. Otherwise, there is not to many tough games. Indiana will probably need to win out in conference play, which isn’t impossible, but highly unlikley. They’ll need a lot of luck and help from other teams to win the B1G crown.


The end of this Big Ten race is surely going to be a battle. Keys to winning are getting big wins on the road, and taking care of the average teams. The team that avoids the most upsets will most likely win this race. Don’t expect any team to run the table the rest of the way. Every win will be earned, and no one is going to go down without a fight.