Grading the Basketball Badgers: Rob Wilson

As we come to the end of our Grading the Basketball Badgers series we take a look at the two members of the senior class, starting with Rob Wilson.

Rob Wilson had a slow start to the season.  He struggled to find his place in the rotation and looked a bit uncomfortable on the floor.  As the season progressed he gained more playing time and eventually took a sixth man role and was a valuable player down the stretch of the season.


Overall Stats:

4.0ppg, 1.3rpg, 0.6apg, 13 minutes a game, 41.5%FG shooting.


Cole: C +

Andy: C

- With Tim Jarmusz graduating after last season we knew Rob Wilson wold be seeing at least some minutes at the Small Forward position behind Mike Bruesewitz.  At the start of the season that wasn’t the case.  Wilson didn’t see the floor much in the first few games, including playing less than a minute against BYU.  While Bruiser got most of the minutes at the start of the season, Wilson slowly started taking more court time from him.  Rob established himself as a solid defensive option and a threat from behind the three point line.  Going in to Big Ten play, Wilson’s hard earned minutes were again taken from him, but it wasn’t long before he got them back.  Here’s an interesting stat; Wisconsin was 10-4 when Wilson saw the floor more than 15 minutes.  Not a breathtaking number, but still an interesting stat to note.  

Wilson had an incredible breakout game against Indiana in the Big Ten tournament, where he scored 30 points and had 7 threes, tying a school record for most three’s in a game.  The game was by far the best in his career and his performance gave Badger fans a lot of hope heading into the NCAA tournament.  Unfortunately, Rob cooled down and didn’t have a huge impact in the Badgers’ final 4 games.  I gave Wilson a C+ because not a lot of people expected him to have any contributions this season ater the start he got off to.  Rob provided a lot of tough rebounds and big hustle plays for the Badgers.  Though Wilson wasn’t a superstar, he was an important part of this Badger team and is a great guy.  He will be missed next year.