Jackson, Badgers come up short in Final Four Loss

Anyone else find the lyrics to UW students favorite sing-along, “Build me up butter cup,” are a wee bit ironic at this point? Seriously folks, I don’t know how much more of this “we’re so close, yet so far away” bull crap I can take.

For those who don’t know the lyrics, we’re referring to the lines that go as such, “Why do you build me up (build me up) Buttercup, baby; just to let me down (let me down) and mess me around.”

Seriously, is there a more ironic song beloved by the Badger fan base than that one? Yes, let’s sing it like the anthem it has become….I mean it’s not like we’ve lost three Rose Bowls on last minute plays or lost a Final Four in the midst of actually winning it.

After the 74-73 last second loss to Kentucky in the 2014 Final Four, perhaps it is time to retire the song to the ash heap of history—like any other pop song from the last three years.

Despite the lack of moving on to the national championship, the Badgers found a way to scrap all game long. I mean, let’s be honest, Wisconsin did everything it was supposed to and still lost. Just take a look at the stats for the Badgers.

You shoot 46 percent from the field, 40 percent from the three-point line, go 19-of-20 from the free throw line and only get out rebounded by five and you lose? Seriously, what more do you want out of the Badgers…No, I’m being serious.

Wisconsin battled all game long, had the lead for most of the second half and Kentucky found a way to better the best shot the Badger had. Tip of the cap, Kentucky beat the Badgers fair and square.

That said, it’s also time to commend the guys that put forth an unreal effort in the one-point loss to Kentucky. Yes, the Wildcats won, but they also learned a thing or two about competing for every point, rebound and position they knew about.

Sam Dekker showed up on the biggest stage possible, leading the Badgers with 15 points. Joining him in double digits were Ben Brust (15), Traevon Jackson (12) and freshman Bronson Koenig (11).

If there is a bright spot in getting oh so close to the national title it’s that all but Ben Brust returns. It could be a very scary team in 2014-15.

While you and I may be wallowing in our sorrows, let’s remember this hasn’t happened all that often—in fact just twice before tonight has the Badger name been mentioned with the Final Four. Let us also remember that these runs, by any team really, are rare (ask anyone else) and should be something to be celebrated.

At least Wisconsin left everything on the court, and win or lose…can you ask for anything more?

Andrew Coppens

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