Marquette’s Avalanche of Badger Envy Has Started Already?


The Wisconsin and Marquette athletic departments announced that the two teams will be meeting on December 8th this year. The meeting will be the 119th in the I-94 history, with the Badgers owning the series 64-54. The game will be held at the BMO Bradley Center in Milwaukee, the home of the Golden Eagles. Last year Marquette beat Wisconsin 61-54 in Madison.

A fellow Blogger at “Anonymous Eagle”, the Marquette Athletics blog at SB Nation, had some interesting views in an article called “The Countdown to Badger Hate Week Begins”. First off, Badger Hate Week? Really? You couldn’t come up with anything original? 

They first refer to the Badgers as the “pantless rodents”. This insult is pretty darn funny considering their mascot was pretty damn close to becoming a block of gold. Maybe during our “Marquette Hate Week” we should refer to them as the “pantless pigeons”? Pretty catchy, no? gold

The article isn’t all garbage though, they do have some very good scheduling points. According to the Marquette academic calendar, the game is on the Saturday before MU’s finals. This means that a lot of Marquette’s student section will be skipping out on the game to study. So, UW students, call up your buddy who goes to Marquette and see if you can get his or her tickets. 

Their next observation is that Big Ten Football Championship is the week before. They go on to say: “There’s going to be all kinds of Bucky fans who insist that this game doesn’t mean anything to them that will be trying to get tickets”. Is it just me or do I hear a little jealousy going on here? Maybe because Marquette’s beloved basketball program hasn’t even touched the amount of success Wisconsin football has had. Or maybe they’re just mad they don’t have a football team? (YUP, I just went there).

Oh, and since I just went there. I’ve got to ask this… If you are such a Marquette diehard, what are you doing rooting for anything Wisconsin? It’s like a Michigan fan rooting fo the Wolverines in football then saying they are an Ohio State basketball fan - the two don’t and shouldn’t mix. Me thinks I smell some hypocrisy coming from Wisconsin Ave, no?

It’s not our fault your little college couldn’t keep it’s football program together or that it didn’t matter that you were amazing all the way back in the 1920’s… Congrats Golden Avalanche! (and I’m going to go ahead and guess many of the Marquette fans out there couldn’t guess that that was the nickname of your lovely football team when it existed)

It’s also pretty funny that they basically are assuming the Badgers will be in the Big Ten Championship game. Marquette fans know they can’t top what the Badgers have done with their football program. They always shy away from the football talk, that is if they’re not jumping on the Badger football bandwagon. 

Finally, I’d like to start an early push to pack the Bradley Center with Cardinal on December 8th. If you’re a Badger fan in Milwaukee, you especially have a responsibility to get yourself in to the Bradley Center with Badger red on gameday. Yes, I know you’ll have to painfully sit through Marquette’s mediocre band and pathetic fight song, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re chanting “Let’s Go Badgers” in the BC with thousands of Badger fans. And of course, after a blowout handed by the Badgers. Madison residents and students, you too should make the drive. If we can get the Bradley Center close to 50/50, that’s a huge win, considering MU fans could never get close to that at the Kohl Center.

So call up the Marquette friend of yours, ask him if his tickets are for sale. The more Marquette fans we can keep out of the BC, the better. If you can’t get them away from your Marquette buddy, go to sites like Ticketmaster and Stubhub. Bring some buddies, wear Badger red and be LOUD. Let’s make the BC “Kohl Center East”. Let’s show those MU fans that all of Wisconsin is Badger Country!