Taylor Gets Snubbed by NBA

Yesterday the NBA released its select list of 60 players who are invited to attend the NBA Draft Combine. Jordan Taylor was not on that list. The Draft Combine, held annually at Attack Athletics Taylorin Chicago, is the main event of the pre-draft process. The NBA invites 60 of the best players entering their names in to the draft to attend the combine. This gives the players a chance to rise their draft stock while GMs and coaches get a look at incoming talent.

What does this mean for Taylor? Well, it’s makes it pretty clear that he won’t be drafted. Jordan will likely get a few private workouts in with interested teams, but at this point it’s very doubtful he’ll be one of the 60 names called on Draft night.

Taylor has seen his stock fall dramatically the past year. After his breakout Junior season, many experts had him as lottery pick for the 2011 draft. When he announced he would return for his Senior year at Wisconsin, he still was considered a lock as a first round pick for the 2012 draft. After a bit of a disappointing senior year, many experts still had him as a early second round pick. 

Scouts say that Taylor is too small and lacks “star power”, which is pretty much the ability to take over the game. Jordan Taylor will still have some time to prove himself to an NBA team though. The draft isn’t until June 28th, so he’ll have about a months time to convince an NBA team to use their pick on him.

It will be interesting to see if he gets an invite to Summer League basketball or if he just decides to head overseas should his name not be called on June 28th.