The Badger Twiterverse on Nigel Hayes

Yesterday Bo Ryan and the Badgers landed a Huge 2013 Recruit in Ohio PF Nigel Hayes. Instead of giving you my normal recruit breakdown, today we're going to take a look  at the reaction of the "Badgers Twitterverse". By that I mean the thoughts of the Badger faithful on twitter. Let's take a look on some of the 

Reggie Rankin, scouting analysis for, was the first to break the news of Hayes' decision. Rankin obviously is very complimentary for Hayes, calling him "Skilled, Versatile with a excellent basketball IQ". My thoughts are the same, when I first saw film of Nigel Hayes a few months ago my first reaction was "he has a great feel for the game". 

Our friend Evan Flood really puts emphasis on how big of a recruiting win this was for the Badgers. This pickup must sting for Ohio State fans, as they almost never lose out on top talents in Ohio. Lamont Paris has done a hell of a job over the last few months, reeling in another Ohio big man Vitto Brown, and now Nigel Hayes. Paris was at all of Haye's games, and spent a lot of time with him. In Hayes' own words, he really made the big guy feel "loved".

This is a great tidbit from Kyle Heikkinen. With Bo Ryan and Co. now expanding their horizons in to new pipelines and to new talented players, we could see a change tempo in Bo's swing offense. Now, don't expect anything too dramatic, as Bo hasn't changed his style one bit in his coaching career, but unlike so many of his previous recruiting classes, this one may be best suited to get out and run. 

Two of the fellow Class of 2013 members weigh in on Hayes' decision. I love Vitto Brown's title "The Bomb Squad". This could really be a special group of guys.

Arguably the best post of the night. Who knew Bo Ryan was a Call of Duty fan? This really shows you the commitment to Hayes the Badgers staff really had. A well deserved victory.

If you haven't seen Hayes play yet, check out this highlight tape. Pay special attention to his play making ability. Hayes is great at passing, rebounding, scoring and even shooting. He's really a complete player and could be really special under Bo Ryan.

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