For the entirety of Bo Ryan's tenure at Wisconsin the Kohl Center has been a place where opposing teams come to lose and lose often.  The Kohl Center is one of the most feared places for any team in the country, just ask Michigan State, Ohio State, and Duke to name just a few.  But 2012 has had a different story at home for the Badgers as they've managed to lose 4 games at home so far this season.  

Going into the 2011-12 season the Badgers had only lost 11 times at home and just 6 times in conference, yet Wisconsin has reached half of that conference number already this season with 3 losses in conference with just 3 home games left for the Badgers.  

Add in the loss to Marquette in the non-conference season and Wisconsin has already lost more games at home than in any other season since the opening of the Kohl Center for the 1998-99 season.  Before this year the most was 3 losses (1999-00 & 2008-09).  

With the losses this season some are wondering if the Badgers are starting to lose a little bit of their luster at home?  Boy, how quick some are to forget the fact that Wisconsin is coming off of a 16-0 finish at home last season and only one loss in the 2009-10 season.  

O.k., if it's not a downward trend, then what is it?  Well, it's like everything else with this team, it's the shooting.  In the case of this year especially it's the 3 point shooting.  At home Wisconsin shoots just 23% from three point range, yet they hit 40% on the road so far in conference games.

Not only that but 3 of the 4 losses are the worst of the points scored at home and all have come in conference play.  In the three conference losses at home Wisconsin has averaged just 55.3 points a game.  If it weren't for a 50-45 win over Nebraska the Badgers losses would rank at the botttom of the home scoring marks this season.

So, what gives?  According to Bo Ryan your guess is as good as his.

"It's crazy," said Ryan in a press conference.  "And if there was an answer that was easily obtainable, I think we'd have had it by now.  Slow as I am, we'd have had it by now.  But I haven't[seen this in], junior high, high school, Division III, at UW-M (Milwaukee), here, I've never had a team get into those kind of phases."  

If you can't put your finger on it, how do you correct it?

"So if you're going to get those kinds of looks [wide open], you've got to hit some of them in order to survive," said Ryan.  "And we did not do that in the last game and haven't done that in a couple others, and the only thing you can do is get ready for the next one.  But I've never experienced this."

Ryan is right, there's nothing that you can do but keep shooting.  It would be one thing if the Badgers were taking terrible shots early in the shot clock and just jacking up wild three point attempts, but they aren't doing that in 99% of their looks from beyond the arc.  

Some say if that's happening they need to stop shooting three pointers.  That would be fine but this team doesn't have a true big post man capable of taking the game over inside if the outside game isn't working.  Mike Bruesewitz is probably one of the best options if you wanted to pound inside but he's not a central focus of the offense at all with guys like Jordan Taylor, Jared Berggren, and Ryan Evans all getting touches before him.

Let's not forget that this scenario has been seen before by Badgers fans.  If you have erased the 2008-09 season from your memory it wouldn't be surprising.  But this team reminds so many of that year when they didn't have an established post presence yet and relied on a three point based offense that was hot or cold and they saved their season by getting absolutely on fire down the stretch and barely got into the NCAA tournament.

For all the woes that the Badgers have had with shooting at home it's a good thing for the chances of a 4 seed or better in the NCAA tournament that Wisconsin plays more road games than home down the final stretch, but it won't be easy with games at Minnesota, Michigan State, and Ohio State on that list.  

If Wisconsin wants to be a team that isn't a one or two and done team in the NCAA tournament it needs to find a way to shoot better at home and ultimately it comes down to the players figuring out what works for them to get out of what is an alarming funk at the Kohl Center and return the arena to the house of horrors that it once was for teams outside of Wisconsin.