Top 5 buzzer beaters in Wisconsin Badgers basketball history

As Bronson Koenig fell backwards and his buzzer beating shot swished through the hoop, pandemonium set in on the Wisconsin Badgers bench and across Badgers nation. No doubt, it is a moment that will live in infamy in the NCAA tournament.

But, over the years the Badgers have become accustomed to mobbing teammates after nailing game-winning shots. It also got us to thinking as to which of them was the best…so here we go. Ironically, this could just simply be titled “The Traevon Jackson Invitational,” as the man made a career of big time plays and amazing shots.


5. Alando Tucker vs. Indiana (2005)

There may not be a single buzzer beater with a greater degree of difficulty on this list. However, it was the Badgers’ third chance at winning the game. Given the mid-season nature of this game winning shot, it moves down the list a bit. Still, it is one of a few moments that still give me goosebumps because beating Indiana never gets old.

4. Traevon Jackson vs. Penn State (2013)

Like we said, this could’ve been a list full of big moments from Traevon Jackson alone…but of them all this shot against Penn State is easily the cream of the crop. On a day in which Wisconsin laid a massive egg on the offensive end of the court (sound familiar?), Jackson came up big with this shot. Making it more improbable is that everyone in the Bryce Jordan Center knew who was taking that shot and it still happened. Doing it to end the regular season? Well, that was just icing on the cake.

3. Devin Harris vs. Illinois for the Big Ten championship (2003)

While the degree of difficulty on the shot may not be high, there are fewer high pressure situations than sitting on the free throw line with the game on the line. Harris was a career 77.8 percent free throw shooter, so missing the first of two free throws was pretty incredible. With all the pressure on himself for the second one it became the stuff of legends, as they won back-to-back Big Ten regular season champions.

2. Bronson Koenig vs. Xavier in NCAA tournament (2016)

Yes, this is still fresh in the memory and that could bias any thinking on the list. However, this buzzer beater has it all — drama, last second shooting and a high degree of difficulty. Oh, and did we mention it was on a day when Koenig only hit three-pointers from the field? Whatever happens the rest of the way in the 2016 NCAA tournament, Koenig is sure to see his shot end up on CBS’ famous “One Shinning Moment” montage at the end of the national championship game.

1. Sam Dekker vs. Arizona in Elite 8

Just like Koenig’s shot…Dekker’s came in one of the most high-pressure of moments. However, Dekker’s last-second heroics propelled the Badgers in to the Final Four and that’s the biggest reason this one tops the list.

Yes, we realize this isn’t technically a buzzer beater…except for it was also a dagger and a buzzer beater for the shot clock as well. So, we’re going to go there with this one.

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