We've been focusing on a lot of football as of late here on the MTB College Sports Bucket List but today our focus turns to the world of college hockey. If you know anything about the sport there are a few areas of the country where the sport is huge - the Midwest and the East Coast.

Out east it's arguable that there may not be a bigger rivalry than the one between two Ivy League schools and members of ECAC Hockey, we're talking about Cornell vs. Harvard. Wisconsin fans should be well versed by just how good Cornell can be as they stopped the Badgers hopes of winning yet another national title in 2010 in the NCAA Frozen Four. 

No. 59 Cornell vs. Harvard (D1 Hockey):

The rivalry is rooted in the traditions of the two schools, with Harvard being the oldest of the Ivy League schools and Cornell being one of the youngest. It doesn't help that the young kids on the block, the Big Red of Cornell, lead the all-time series with a 71-59-8 record. It's also one of the oldest of the college hockey rivalries dating back to 1910.

It helps that both teams are hugely successful with Cornell winning two NCAA Championships (1967, 1970), making 8 NCAA Frozen Four appearances, and 19 NCAA tournaments. They've won 12 ECAC Hockey titles as well (most recent was 2010). Harvard won the 1989 National Championship, made 12 NCAA Frozen Four appearances, and 21 NCAA tournament appearances (most recently in 2006). On the conference front they have 10 ECAC Hockey regular season titles and 8 playoff titles.

If you're looking for creativity and hilarious shennanigans this is one of the best rivalries out there. First off, because of a fictional book and movie called Love Story which features this rivalry with the main character playing hockey for Harvard (they lose to Cornell) the Big Red's pep band plays the theme to the movie when Harvard enters the ice before the 1st and 2nd periods as a small reminder of just who's bigger and badder. That right there isn't all though.

Throughout the history of the rivalry there's always be a sense of old school-new school and because of the high academic standards a lot of the fan history behind the rivalry deals with some of the "geeky" things that matter out there - things like admission standards (Cornell's are lower than Harvard's if you ask the Crimson) and grade inflation (which has been a claim of a lot of schools towards Harvard). It's led to a taunt I think reflects just how bitter and fun this rivalry is all at the same time: "Give me an A, give me another A, give me another A, give me another A, welcome to Harvard."

Cornell isn't the only one thinking this is a bitter rivalry, with the Harvard student newspaper even saying this rivalry is more bitter than "The Game" between Harvard-Yale in football and that's saying something for a school that's involved in the oldest rivalry in college football and can be said to be one of the founding fathers of college football in general.

Another aspect that makes this rivalry unique is the huge traveling support that Cornell brings with them and the Big Red fans love nothing more than invading Harvard's hockey arena. From time to time they have even found ways to outnumber the Crimson fans in attendance, earning Bright arena the nickname of "Lynah East" in the Cornell fanbase.

What makes this a rivalry worth seeing sooner than later is it's history is built on academics, athletic success, and a creative and bitter fan rivalries that don't take it to the levels of criminal activity (looking at you Alabama-Auburn). That's what college sports should be all about.