No. 63: “Arch Madness” (DI Men’s Basketball)

The Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament, otherwise known as “Arch Madness”, is arguably the best sporting event in all of mid-major conferences. Held at the Scottrade Center in-St. Louis, Missouri- Arch Madness is a midwest fan favorite. 

What makes this tournament so special? The Missouri Valley conference, though not the biggest, has some of the nation’s most rabid fanbases. The schools are located in the heart of basketball country, which means there are a lot of wild fans and basketball junkies.

Those rabid fanbases? They show up in numbers. St. Louis is just a bus ride away for most schools as the conference is only spread over a six state area.

So you have a great facility, a great city, and a great atmosphere. What else could you possibly need?

Great competition.

Being a conference full of mid-majors, the Missouri Valley usually doesn’t usually have too many high power teams. That means 10 teams are usually battling for one NCAA tournament bid. That’s 10 small colleges fighting for their chance on the big stage. You better believe that the stakes are high.

It may not be the best basketball featuring the nation’s best players, but the atmosphere, competition, and stakes of Arch Madness are what makes it so special. 

To see the crazyness that is Arch Madness, check out this video made by the Missouri Valley Conference.