Out of the 90's and into the 80's we go today in the MTB College Sports Bucket List.  It's been fun so far and we've given you some of the lesser known, but equally strong games so far.  Today, it's time we switch things up and give you look at a college sports event that isn't just a game.  

As always, don't forget to see where we went with our No. 90 pick - Clarkson vs. St. Lawrence in Division I Hockey!!

Without further wait, here's our newest addition to the list!!  

No. 89: NCAA College Soccer Cup Finals (Division I Soccer): 

College soccer is a very different animal.  Just because you're a "big conference" school doesn't mean you are going to be successful at the collegiate soccer level.  In fact many times it's smaller schools that dominate the sport.  But that's part of the charm of the College Soccer Cup Finals, seeing teams from schools you may not know yet seeing some amazing soccer being played.  

The current incarnation of the Division I tournament has it's final four and is more commonlyCollege Cup known as the College Cup in the sport and rightfully so.  As it stands there are just 48 teams that participate in the tournament which culminates in a Final Four weekend at a destination stadium.  

What makes this event a must see is watching some players that will go on to become massive stars in MLS and abroad while also experiencing a fan level of passion that you don't see from any other sport at the collegiate level.  It's also unique because the college soccer community is similar to the hockey community in it's tight knit nature, but a bit more on the wild side of things.  

The student sections are way more creative than what you'd see at your Saturday afternoon football games and are a ton more dedicated to the team.  Take Indiana's Hoosier Army for example.  They are known to follow the team no matter where they are playing and have really created an atmosphere that can rival some of the professional team fan bases.  

Heck even West Virginia gets really in on the act:

But the Final Four of this event really has the best of the best and seeing the future stars of this country is always an opportunity you can't pass up.  Overall St. Louis leads with 10 National Titles and is followed by Indiana with 7 and Virginia with 4.  

Why else would I want to see this event?  Well, even our beloved Badgers have a national title in soccer, coming in 1995 with a 2-0 win over the Duke Blue Devils!