Hopefully you've enjoyed the list to date, but things really begin to pick up steam starting with today's game that's for sure.  Ironically it might also be the coldes game in the lower 48.  We're talking hockey of course and let's not waste any more time.  

Reminder, here's No. 91 from yesterday!

No. 90: Clarkson vs. St. Lawrence (DI Hockey): 

If you are a student, resident, alumni, or just fan of these schools to you this is known as "College Hockey's Greatest Rivalry" and that claim may just be right.  I know, chances are if you are a fan of the Badgers and reading this you might just think I'm crazy, but we tend to focus on the "big schools" like Wisconsin vs. Minnesota and while that's a good one, it may not have the passion and intensity that the Golden Knights vs. Skating Saints has, and by a lot.  

What makes this one so great is not only are they geographically linked (schools are only 10 miles apart), but they are also very competitive teams in conference and from time to time on theSLU vs. Clarkson national level.  St. Lawrence has won 2 regular season ECAC titles and 6 ECAC tournament titles and has been to 16 NCAA tournaments and 9 Frozen Fours, with it's most recent Frozen Four coming in 2000.  On the other hand Clarkson has been a bit more competitive on the regular season front having won 10 regular season ECAC titles (2008 was last) and 5 ECAC tournament titles as well as making 20 NCAA tournament appearances with 7 Frozen Fours (1991 was last) and 3 Championship game appearances as well.

This rivalry can get swept under the rug by the casual college hockey person because it involves two schools that chances are you haven't heard of.  Well, Clarkson vs. St. Lawrence has been a long standing tradition in what's known in New York state as the "North Country" (20-30 miles from Canada).  This series dates all the way back to the 1925-26 season.  It's been played 190 times with Clarkson holding a pretty decided advantage over the Skating Saints of St. Lawrence at 116-65-9.  

It may well be true that there are closer rivalries in terms of results, but few have the longevity and bitterness that this one holds.  Heck, it has even spilled over to the Women's teams as they've become bitter rivals over the last few years as well with their programs up and running at a competitive level.  

You might even say because of the dominance of Clarkson in the games it's actually added some fuel to the fire.  A great example of this is during the 1990's when Clarkson won 9 straight matchups between the two schools.  Due to this some clever Knights fans decided to post signs, one for each victory, every few yards along Route 11 (the road that goes from Clarkson's town to St. Lawrence's town) and kept adding to it until the streak stopped.  

St. Lawrence has even incorporated their hate into every home game as they chant "and Clarkson still sucks!" after every final minute of the period announcement.  

While Badger and Gopher fans love to poke fun at each other, what makes this rivalry so unique is that these are schools that aren't full DI members and come from very small towns in an area of New York that doesn't get much attention.  So, chances are if you are living in these towns this series means the world to you and is something everyone is paying attention to, not just the fans of the sport itself.  That's a layer of the rivalry story that doesn't exist in the bigger schools because so much attention is focused on other sports in the state and university.  

Don't sleep on this small town rivalry, as it truly is one of the best college hockey rivalries out there.  Plus taking in a game at St. Lawrence allows you to see one of America's great "Old Barns" of hockey, where the game was meant to be played in the first place.