We've come down to the end of our first ten in the MTB College Sports Bucket List. I know, where does the time go, huh?  You are all probably waiting with bated breath to see what game is going to round out the first ten in the countdown, but let us first remind you of the vast array of games that have graced our spring/summer long countdown so far!!

No. Game/Event Sport
No. 100 Army vs. Canadian Royal Military College DI Hockey
No. 99 Adrian vs. MSOE DIII Hockey
No. 98 VMI vs. The Citadel FCS Football
No. 97 Iowa vs. Iowa State FBS Football
No. 96 Hope vs. Calvin DIII Basketball
No. 95 UCLA vs. Arizona DI Basketball
No. 94 Texas vs. TCU FBS Football
No. 93 Alaska-Anchorage vs. Alaska-Fairbanks DI Hockey
No. 92 Plattsburgh vs. Oswego State DIII Hockey

As you can see DIII has been a staple of the first ten on the countdown and we're heading there to finish off the group.  It's a game that holds a special place for thousands of others around the globe and myself and for that I have one thing to say... TO THE OLD LADY!!

No. 91: RPI vs. Union (DIII Football):

Some of you may be shocked we didn't go for the hockey series between these schools since they both compete at the Division I level and regularly play each other, but as you'll see this is a rivalry that started with and ends with football.

RPI vs. UnionThese teams have met 106 times in their football series dating back to 1903 which makes it the oldest and most played rivalry in the state of New York.  Add in the close proximity of just 14.5 miles between Troy, NY (RPI Engineers home) and Schenectady, NY (Union Dutchmen home) and you understand the fact that these two schools could easily hate each other.  Each year they play for the Dutchman's Shoes, which has it's roots in some ugly history that the schools turned into a positive.

The 1949 game featured looting on both campuses and as a show of good faith the student committees from each school presented the Dutchman Shoes as a show of respect and it's been around ever since.  This is a game that would've been higher on my personal list, but I couldn't do it once you examine the records of the two schools since the introduction of the trophy back in 1950.  The record since it's introduction is about as one sided as you can get as Union leads 46-16 over the fine folks from RPI.  Overall the series is also pretty one sided as Union leads 78-25-3

Both schools have been successful to an extent on the national level with RPI winning the Liberty League twice and making it to the DIII national semi-finals in the 2003 season before losing to powerhouse St. John's(MN).  Union on the other hand has won 5 Liberty League titles since it's inception in the 2003 season and has appeared in the Stagg Bowl (DIII National Title Game) twice in it's history.  Both teams regularly fill up the DIII All-American rosters and All-Conference rosters as well.

While the series hasn't been evenly matched throughout the history make no mistake that both schools get up for this game and usually the winner has a very good shot at the Liberty League title.

You may call me biased on this one, but I wouldn't be where I am today without the guidance set forth by 6 men back in 1847 at Union College, so I say go Dutchmen and TO THE OLD LADY!