We've reached the week mark on the MTB College Sports Bucket List journey that will come to an end on July 31st.  So far there have been massive games that have involved service academies, our neighbors to the north, a bitter in-state feud, and some very under the radar games.  Today we bring you an event that may just rival the likes of Auburn vs. Alabama - only on a bit of a smaller scale and a few thousand miles away.  

Before we get there, here's the list so far: 

Ranking Game/Event Sport
No. 100 Army vs. Canadian Royal Military College DI Hockey
No. 99 Adrian vs. MSOE DIII Hockey
No. 98 VMI vs. The Citadel FCS Football
No. 97 Iowa vs. Iowa State FBS Football
No. 96 Hope vs. Calvin DIII Basketball
No. 95 UCLA vs. USC DI Basketball
No. 94 Texas vs. TCU FBS Football

For the next game on our list we're taking you to the Great White North and with that we present to you....

No. 93: Alaska-Fairbanks vs. Alaska-Anchorage: (DI Hockey) 

Frankly you could pick any one of the sports that these two teams play in but it's hockey that's king in the 49th state.  

It's a classic case of small-town school vs. the state's largest city.  It's also a case of these schools being polar opposites.  UAF is the states oldest public state school starting in 1922 while UAA began life as a university relatively recently (1976).   However, UAA is the bigger of the two institutions today with around 17,000 students while UAF boasts about 10,000 students or so. 


What makes this rivalry more unique is that these schools alumni are quite likely to travel to the games together or work side by side and only have hatred on the weekends these two schools meet.  If you are a student, alum, or fan of UAF you simply refer to yourselves as the University of Alaska, just an added twist of the knife to the much younger Alaska-Anchorage Seawolves.

The hockey teams have competed in and out of the same conferences over their time as Division IUAA vs. UAF hockey programs.  Right now UAA competes in the WCHA alongside our Badgers and Fairbanks competes in the CCHA.  However, as Badger fans we are well aware of the musical chairs that hockey will be going through in the 2013-14 season and as a result the WCHA will welcome back Alaska-Fairbanks to it's ranks and these two teams' games for the Governors Cup will go from two per season to at least four and maybe more.  

Overall the series is a relatively new one, beginning in earnest as of 1994 and currently stands at 11-9 in favor of the Nanooks of Alaska-Fairbanks.  The series has a bigger history than the Governors Cup though and that lead belongs to the Seawolves at 22-26-8-3.  

With the records so close you can imagine that the competitive nature of the games is there and you'd be right, but it's also the strong feelings of the fanbases that add some great spice to the games. What more could you want from a rivalry than having an entire state taking notice of the game?  That's exactly what happens up in Alaska when these two schools meet.  

For the closeness of the hockey series and the intensity of the rivalry being felt throughout the state this one earns a spot on our list and is a game this writer is anxious to try and take in sooner than later!  We'll leave you today with a look at the last game played between these schools to give you an idea of just what this one is all about.