We're in day number six of our summer long journey to the world of the awesome in College Sports a.k.a. the MTB College Sports Bucket List and chances are you have only heard or thought of attending one of the games so far, but tonight that should all change as we give you a game that involves one of the games that is iconic in their sport - college basketball.  

In case you've missed any of the games so far in the series can can check them out here:

Ranking Game/Event Sport
No. 100 Army vs. Canadian Royal Military College DI Hockey
No. 99 Adrian vs. MSOE DIII Hockey
No. 98 VMI vs. The Citadel FCS Football
No. 97 Iowa vs. Iowa State FBS Football
No. 96 Hope vs. Calvin DIII Basketball


No. 95 - UCLA vs. Arizona (DI Basketball): 

Chances are if you were a kid that spent the vast majority of your middle school and high school days in the 90's or if you remember the domination that was the UCLA program in the 70's then you know what were about to say.  Before Gonzaga vs. St. Mary's took over the UCLA vs. Arizona game was easily the best rivalry game on the west coast.  

This was a game, especially in the 90's to early 2000's that was easily must see TV for any college basketball fan.  Pauley Pavilion and the McKale Center always were packed and rocked during these games.  Heck, most of the time these two teams were playing for top 5 rankings, conference championships, and even No. 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament.  

Unfortunately this game has taken a slide as both programs have struggled since the days of Lute Olsen at Arizona and Steve Lavin at UCLA.  It's also been really overshadowed by better basketball being played out of the West Coast Conference and the Gonzaga vs. St. Mary's rivalry as of late has become can't miss TV.  If these two teams were more relevant to today's college basketball landscape there's no way you have this series anywhere in the 90's that's for sure.

However, the Wildcats vs. Bruins is a pure classic and you have to think that eventually these teams will make the Pac-12 relevant again in the somewhat near future.  

ZonaIf you know your college basketball history then you know about the utter domination that the Bruins had, not just on the Wildcats, but on the entire college basketball world for what seemed like the entire decade of the 70's.  Amazingly it hasn't bore out that way in the overall series between these two once and future bitter rivals.  Overall the series stands 46-40 in favor of UCLA.  There have been periods of domination by both sides that's for sure.  Starting off with a 24-3 lead for the Bruins as they won 11 straight games against Arizona twice.  The first span was from 1923-1977 (obviously didn't play every year in there) and again from 1979-1984.  Arizona on the other hand held a 25-13 advantage in games between 1988-2005.  

Last season the Wildcats held a 2-1 series advantage that included a victory in the Pac-12 Tournament. 

If these two programs ever get back to a semblance of national prominence again this is one of the games that will be looked back upon on this list as a "How was it ranked that low" moment, but combine a lack of deep rooted history and where the programs are now it just can't be any higher at this point in time.  Still, seeing a game at McKale Center or Pauley Pavilion should be on the list of any true college basketball fan and you might as well make it UCLA vs. Arizona if you're going to do it.