2016 National Signing Day: Sam Brodner profile

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High School Accolades: Chicago Tribune State Player of the Year

Senior Season Stats: 1,917 yards, 47 touchdowns rushing

Video Proof:

Our View: Winning a state Player of the Year award in a state like Illinois and you’re just a 3-star running back? Well, Brodner’s tape from the 2015 Illinois state playoffs alone suggest something completely different. So does running a 4.4 40-yard dash in two laser-timed attempts already.

Could it be that Wisconsin got itself a major sleeper here? His high school coach sure thinks that and we’re in that camp as well. Luckily, I’ve personally seen Brodner play and he is flat out one of the best athletes I’ve seen at running back in person at the high school level.

Some suggest that his race played a factor in not only his 3-star rating, but also his recruitment. While it may be a sad statement on society, it also is true in this case. Some suggest that just because he’s 210 pounds and white he belongs as a fullback and not a running back. Go ahead and look at his tape against the best the state of Illinois has to offer and say that again.

To Wisconsin’s credit, they knew they could slow-play this recruitment and still likely land him late in the process. With Antonio Williams playing musical chairs after being committed for over a year, Brodner falling in to their laps may have been a blessing in disguise. Don’t be surprised to see him come in and compete for playing time after what is likely a redshirt year just by the numbers in front of him.

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