5 Things to Watch: Bowl Projections II

With fellow writer Paul Kilgas already breaking down everything Hoosiers, I’m going to again breakdown where the Badgers are projected to end up come January. There was quite the shake-up with Oregon losing to Stanford as it dropped them out of the national championship game and took away a BCS at-large spot.

ESPN – Capital One against South Carolina and Sugar against Auburn. Either way, a good match-up with an SEC team. Wisconsin has fared decently well against SEC teams in the past, although the Sugar Bowl would be a tough matchup as Auburn is very close to New Orleans. It would be the only game on January 2nd, though, so it’d definitely get the hype.

CBS SPORTS – Capital One against Texas A&M. Who doesn’t want a shot at Johnny Football? This would be a high scoring affair. Wisconsin has had mixed results against mobile quarterbacks, but Manziel is one of the best. I think Wisconsin keeps this close, but Texas A&M pulls it out.

SPORTING NEWS – Capital One against South Carolina. Here’s another match-up with the Gamecocks. You can see the pattern here. Provided the Badgers win out, the loss to Arizona State has a good chance of keeping Wisconsin from a BCS bowl. It’s a shame, but it’s the reality we’ve been given.

PHIL STEELE – Orange Bowl against Oregon. Now there’s an interesting game. Russell Wilson’s Rose Bowl game was a classic, and I could see a similar type game if the two teams played again this year. Honestly, though, I find this projection to be off as I see Clemson ending up in the Orange Bowl with Florida State in the National Championship game.

OFF TACKLE EMPIRE – Outback Bowl against Missouri. Fun game, not-so-fun Bowl. Off Tackle Empire is projecting Michigan State to be picked over Wisconsin. It’s possible, but Wisconsin hasn’t been to Florida since 2009 so they’d travel well. Also, I could see Michigan State losing to Ohio State in the B1G Championship leaving a bad taste in the bowl committees’ mouths. It may not be fair, but the championship game is a risk/reward situation.

As you can see, the prospects of a BCS at-large spot are still there, but they are dwindling. Obviously the Badgers need to win out. One more loss and there is no chance. Then, losses by Northern Illinois and Fresno State would be ideal, as one of those two are looking to steal a bid. Finally, we have to hope that both the Big 12 and the ACC are one bid conferences.

We’ll get back into this next week, as hopefully that BCS logjam the Badgers are currently in has cleared up a little.

Jay Swenson

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Jay is a Badger fan currently living in Central Illinois. He has written for several newspapers as a freelance writer, and was the Western Illinois basketball beat writer while in graduate school.