Andersen won’t publicly name starting QB before UMass game

There may be a few battles that have been more entertaining so far in fall camp for the Badgers, but the one everyone is still talking about is the Quarterback battle. It's easily the question I'm asked most in person, on twitter, and other social media sites. But, here's the deal - as of today, Saturday, August 17, 2013 NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE STARTER WILL BE

Anyone that claims to know is just guessing. In fact, outside of those of us in the media who will be at practice following the scrimmage on Monday it's been made clear those in the general public aren't going to know until the winner walks out on the field for the UMass game. Head coach Gary Andersen made that much clear back at Big Ten media days and that hasn't changed as of today either. 

“We may be in a position to name a starting quarterback in our minds, but the first time it will be made public will be when he jogs out there against UMASS," Andersen said following practice on Saturday. "Anybody that sits out here and watches practice, you guys are smart guys and gals, you understand where it’s going and the direction it is."

So, our advice? Get your butts in the stands on Monday for the 2nd open scrimmage of camp. It'll be your chance to gather some facts and see what's going on. After that, you'll have to rely on us scrubs and scribes to get a hint of who that man will actually be. 

For more on what went down on Saturday at practice, check out Andersen's complete comments here:

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