Badger Football’s All-Time Badger Draft: Rounds 1-4

It’s the summer and we’ve debated a lot of things around the MTB virtual newsroom, but one of the greatest debates was that of putting together an All-Time Badger Football team. You know, naming the best Badger at every position and fielding 24 players.

Since there was little consensus we thought we’d have a little fun and put the MTB staff to the test in a 3-man All-Time Badgers draft. Every week we’ll give you four rounds of the draft leading up to the final rosters and the beginning of Badger football season.

The rules are simple, each player has one pick per round and must fill out a traditional roster on offense (QB, RB, FB, WR, WR, OT, OG, C, OG, OT, TE), a 4-3 defense and one kicker and one punter to complete his team.

Our participants will be Managing Editor Andy Coppens, our jack-of-all-things-legal Paul Kilgas and former writer and now-paid journalist Nate Woelfel.

So, let’s just get in to the picking shall we…and up to the podium comes Mr. Managing Editor Andy Coppens to get this all started!

Draft Order (snake draft):

1. Paul Kilgas
2. Nate Woelfel
3. Andy Coppens

Round 1:

1. Joe Thomas, OT (2003-2006)


Paul: Without doing any research or number crunching (so I’m basically like the Cleveland Browns) I’ll take JOE THOMAS, LT. Yes, the Beowns took Thomas, but he’s been amazing as a professional. He was a two-time All-American and the lunchpail guy I want to build my program around. There’s a method to this madness.

2. Ron Dayne, RB (1996-1999)


Nate: With the second overall pick, I proudly select Ron Dayne. Hey, this is Running Back U, right? How can you not take the best tailback ever to don the Cardinal and White if given the opportunity. Dayne may not be the second-best Badger football player ever, but he is darn close. Dayne will forever be the benchmark that all running backs in Madison are measured against. You have to anchor an offense around a guy like that.

3. Tim Krumrie, DT (1979-1982)

Credit: UWBadgers.com

Credit: UWBadgers.com

Andy: Gee, could you two have been more predictable with your 1st round picks? What wins championships—defense wins championships. So, with that in mind, with the third overall pick I’m taking DT Tim Krumrie. Yes folks, there were great Badger football players before Barry Alvarez arrived on campus and in my opinion there’s none better than Krumrie. He was a three-time All-Big Ten selection (1980-1982) and set records for tackles (444) and solo tackles (276)—the latter of which still stands today. I’ll gladly take that to anchor my team.

Round 1 Recap:

1. Joe Thomas, OT (Paul)
2. Ron Dayne, RB (Nate)
3. Tim Crumrie, DT (Andy)

Now on to Round 2

Andrew Coppens

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