Badgering the MTB Staff: 5 Biggest Questions entering the 2013 Season for Wisconsin

As we enter the home stretch before fall camp opens up for the sorta, kinda new look Badgers we thought it a good idea to explore some of the more pressing questions and make the staff here at MTB squirm a bit, so over the next week we'll be exploring the questions that have been burning a hole in our staff's minds over the past few months. So much so that they finally couldn't take it anymore and had to put it down on… well, type away on their keyboards. 

It's our new feature we like to call "Badgering the MTB Staff."

Today we explore the chances of something no one would've expected just five years ago - a Wisconsin four-peat as Big Ten Champions. So, let us dive into the burning question of the day: 

What Chances Do You Give Wisconsin to Four-peat and Why?

Arman Belding: 35%. I think Wisconsin has a fairer shot than most are giving them credit for, to beat Ohio State in the Horseshoe. This team has talent on both sides of the ball, in particular, where it counts. Despite not having a locked in starter at QB for example, there are a variety of quality options for Andersen to pick from. He's got a solid option at TE, WR, and a stable of running backs. O-line is a little thin, but enough to get by for at least one big game. On defense, the front 7 will be very solid and experienced, giving a less experienced secondary the support it needs. If these groups all play up to their potential, I think UW has a legit chance of beating Ohio State, and running the table in the Leaders Division. From there, I believe they'll likely play the Nebraska Cornhuskers (again), and beat them (again).

Paul Kilgas: About 25%. The chances for a fourth straight Rose Bowl trip depend on two things: beating Ohio State and the matchup in the B1G Championship Game. I see Wisconsin finishing the regular season 11-1 or 10-2, with a loss coming at Ohio State and mayyyybe either at Arizona State or at home against Northwestern.

If Wisconsin manages to win at ASU and at Ohio State for a 6-0 start, the sky is the limit. My 25% number is roughly based on a 40% chance of winning at Ohio State and a 55% chance of winning the B1G Championship (based on experience, momentum, etc.) BYU could be a tricky game, and a match-up with Michigan or Nebraska in the B1G CG would be wild. I would be ecstatic if Wisconsin went 11-1 and very satisfied with 10-2; Wisconsin must take care of business and hope that Ohio State also loses to Michigan/Purdue/someone.

Andy Coppens: Wow… Um, as for the chances of a four-peat for the Badgers? I'd put them at about 35% and I think that could be a bit low. If the Badgers win at the Horseshoe then I give them at least a 65% chance of winning the Big Ten because it probably means this team rolls through the rest of its schedule and then it's simply a 50/50 shot at at the Big Ten championship game and well, let's face facts - WISCONSIN OWNS THE BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.

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