Will we see more this from White?

It's day one of Badgers fall football camp and of course that means media speaking with coaches and players, but it also meant no clue as to what happened on the field as they got to see an impressive array of stretches and that's about all.

However, there were some news and notes, so let's get to it:

First up their are three players currently not on the roster for Wisconsin. One was former reserve wide receiver Fred Willis, Jr. who is no longer playing football, but will stay at Wisconsin as a student.

The other two are wide receiver Isiah Williams and linebacker Cody Byers. 

"Both aren't in the 105 [roster limit], said Bielema while speaking to the media. "Both are in Madison, both have an opportunity to join us in the next few days depending on things happening."

Bielema was asked about Isiah and Cody's involvement in the incident that led up to Montee Ball being beatdown and while he wouldn't answer directly because of NCAA injury and legal rules, he did say "People will assume what they want."

Montee won't be involved in practice this week, next week will be integrated with some things, non-contact, and full go by game week, all of game day preparation.

Of course many of the questions surrounded how Bielema would deal with what took place last week. 

"In my seven years as a head coach we have not have many situations pop up, I don't expect to go through my career without some of these things popping up," said Bielema in the press conference.

"I know I recruit kids of high quality and high character.I told every one of them if you did something to 'ring the bell' you'll have to pay the price, I'll let the police work this out and give us the direction we need to go in and move forward."

As for what may happen if Ball is found to have been involved and not just a bystander to the original fight, Bielema made it clear he'd be treated just like any other player.

But back on to the stuff on the field Bielema mentioned only one dropped passed. Of course it was just in shorts and jerseys, but with four QB's getting reps with the wide receivers that's at least a positive sign after a spring full of drops.

"I think all those quarterbacks got about the same numbers, very happy with the QB situation," said Bielema.

As for impressions of Danny O'Brien after the start of camp?

"Day one he's [Danny O'Brien] got a lot of respect... he's a totally different personality than Russel [Wilson]. He's in a legitimate battle with Curt Phillips and Joel Stave."

If you want to hear the full remarks from head coach Bret Bielema here they are: