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Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are days where fans of NFL teams and us college sports fans all anticipate to see where our favorite players go and what our favorite NFL teams (Packers here and for most of you too I’m guessing) do to improve their fortunes for the years to come.  Of course around this time of year there are literally thousands of sites that get together and produce their own mock drafts and while that’s all well and good, we’re not going to be one of them.  We’ll leave that up to the “experts” out there.  

But, what we will be doing for you today is giving you a look at the mock draft positions of all the Badgers that could be selected in the NFL draft this weekend.  We took only the sites and people that publish their crazy SEVEN round mock drafts, so you won’t be seeing Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, or the like, but you will see some of the most trusted names in the game, so here’s a look at where your favorite Badgers could be headed this weekend:

Walter Football: (Updated on April 25th) 

- Peter Konz: 1st Round - 31st to New England Patriots

- Kevin Zeitler: 2nd Round - 50th to Chicago Bears

- Nick Toon: 3rd Round - 76 to Houston Texans

- Russell Wilson: 5th Round - 147 to Buffalo Bills

- Aaron Henry: 6th Round - 182 to Kansas City Chiefs

- Bradie Ewing: 6th Round - 195 to Houston Texans

One things for sure, if these picks hold out the Texans are basically becoming the Wisconsin Badgers South as they’ll have Toon, Ewing, Owen Daniels, Garrett Graham, and JJ Watt on their team.  

Draft Tek: (Updated on April 24th - FINAL UPDATE) 

- Peter Konz: 1st Round - 29 to Baltimore Ravens

- Kevin Zeitler: 2nd Round - 56 to Pittsburgh Steelers

- Nick Toon: 3rd Round - 88 to Philadelphia Eagles

 - Russell Wilson: 6th Round - 188 to Denver Broncos

- Aaron Henry: 6th Round - 199 to San Francisco 49ers

Personally I think they missed the boat by not even having Bradie Ewing drafted, but it’s a possibility I guess.’s Chad Reuters: (Published April 23rd) 

- Peter Konz: 1st Round - 29 to Baltimore Ravens

- Kevin Zeitler: 2nd Round - 34 to Indianapolis Colts

- Nick Toon: 4th Round - 111 to Chicago Bears

- Russell Wilson: 4th Round - 114 to Philadelphia Eagles

- Aaron Henry: 6th Round - 172 to Philadelphia Eagles

- Bradie Ewing: 7th Round - 238 to Kansas City Chiefs

A rookie pairing of Wilson and Henry in Philly would certainly be interesting.  I mean these guys are about a diametrically opposed to the style of the Philly fan as possible, which might actually be a good thing for the duo if that were to happen.

Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager: (Updates April 25th) 

- Kevin Zeitler: 1st Round - 30th to San Francisco 49ers

- Peter Konz: 1st Round - 32 to New York Giants

- Nick Toon: 3rd Round - 77 to New York Jets

- Aaron Henry: 4th Round - 161 to Houston Texans

- Bradie Ewing: 6th Round - 180 to Carolina Panthers

- Russell Wilson: 7th Round - 217 to Buffalo Bills

Um ya, are you kidding me… Nick Toon to the place that his dad made his name in in the NFL.  Ya, sure, no pressure there.  Also, really… Russell Wilson the last Badger picked?  I don’t see that happening at all. Official Mock Draft 

- Peter Konz: 2nd Round - 48 to New England Patriots

- Kevin Zeitler: 2nd Round - 54 to Detroit Lions

- Nick Toon: 3rd Round - 67 to Cleveland Browns

- Russell Wilson: 4th Round - 122 to New Orleans Saints

- Aaron Henry: 6th Round - 171 to St. Louis Rams

I have to say I think this one is way off on Peter Konz and Kevin Zeitler.  I just don’t see them lasting past the end of 1st/beginning of 2nd round.  What I do love is the Saints picking Wilson.  He reminds me so much of Brees, not in his style of play, which I think is very different, but in the way he handles himself and for an organization that’s going through some things to be able to get him would be a smart move.  It also could be the QB in waiting in NOLA.  

All this excersice points out is that predicting the draft is a total crap shoot, but a fun one at that.  Enjoy the festivities over the next few days and ON WISCONSIN!

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