Badgers make hire of RB coach Brown official

On Friday news leaked of Wisconsin hiring new running backs coach Thomas Brown from Marshall. Today the Badgers made the move official, with Andersen announcing the hire via a press release. 

What was clear from the get-go is Andersen was looking for a guy who was going to be committed to the University of Wisconsin long-term. In Brown, Andersen believes he found that. 

“When we got Thomas here on campus, he handled himself very well, very professionally,” said Andersen, according to “He wants to be here in the worst way, which is very important.

“I want somebody who really wants to be the running backs coach at Wisconsin and wants to be involved with the Badger football family. And he really wants it.

“For me, personally, I’ve got to be able to look at the kids in our program and tell them, ‘This guy is going to take care of you and he’s going to be there for you.”’

Brown brings a very youthful presence to a roster of coaches that have been around the game for awhile. The news of being hired by the Badgers exemplifies the youth and passion Brown has for coaching and the game of college football. 

“When I knew I was going to be the guy, I was running around my house screaming and yelling and jumping up and down. My wife was looking at me like I was crazy," said Brown. 

Not only was his youthful approach to the game important to Andersen in making this hire, it appears his recruiting philosophy and knowledge of the state of Georgia sealed the deal. 

“We had to have someone who could go out and truly be that hustler in recruiting — someone who can sit in those living rooms and completely relate to the kids.

“That’s what Thomas (Brown) showed me. I had him walk through how he goes through the recruiting process and how he builds those relationships. People have to trust you with their kids." 

Replacing the departed Thomas Hammock won't be easy, but Brown appears to be the type of go-getter that won't back down from the challenge of filling those rather large shoes—in the meeting room and on the recruiting trail. 


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