Badgers Spring Game 2014: Impressions not pretty

Wisconsin’s annual spring game wasn’t much of a game—especially given the injuries and format because of said injuries. In the end, it was Cardinal 6, White 0. The score mattered little to the coaches, the fans, nor the players.

Instead, it was all about the individuals on Saturday afternoon at Camp Randall. What everyone ended up seeing was a defense that had the offense’s number.

No, it wasn’t because they knew what was coming, but rather because they were the ones doing the attacking. The Badger offensive line did a decent job in the run game, allowing some highlight reel runs by both Melvin Gordon and Corey Clement, yet it also managed to make sure every quarterback was running for his life as well.

Defensively, it was the young guys shining through. Both Alec James and Chikwe Obasih did well off the edge and the young linebackers also made life miserable for the offense early on in the practice portion of things.

After the “game” got going, it was more of the same, as Wisconsin’s defense continued to put pressure on the offense and force decisions to be made.

Conversely, the Badger QB’s didn’t turn the ball over much and in the case of Tanner McEvoy—at least proved he was a capable quarterback with some wheels to go with an arm.

The big-time stats weren’t there in the passing game for McEvoy, but it was his ability to get away from most of the pressure and at least get rid of the ball that was impressive. He showed poise and at least an advanced understanding of the offense, but the problems existed in front of him and every other QB on the day.

If the offensive line allows the pressure it did on Saturday during the season, McEvoy has to be the guy. Stave and his lack of mobility, plus his injury history would not be a good idea with the offensive line we all saw on Saturday.

The good news is that with all the bad things that went on film, Wisconsin’s players have a full summer and then fall camp to right the ship.However, based on what went out on the field on Saturday at Camp Randall—Wisconsin has a long way to go if it wants to compete for a division title, let alone conference honors.

Andrew Coppens

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