Badgers vs. Gophers ranked the 14th best rivalry in college football

NFL.com has been going through its “Top 14 for ’14″ lists by its lead college football writer, and up next on those lists were the Top 14 college football rivalries. Wisconsin was featured on this list, just like it was on the “Top 14 Uniforms of ’14″ list.

This time though, the Badgers had a dancing partner in the Gophs of Minnesota — as the Battle for Paul Bunyan’s Axe was named the 14th best rivalry in all of college football.

OK, I can see this game not being super-high on the list given the Badgers decade of dominance in the rivalry. However, a game that is the oldest in FBS and the most played rivalry in FBS deserves a lot more credit than it got on this list.

For instance — No. 10 on the list is Stanford vs. California. Give me a break. Sure, it had “the bands on the field, the bands on the field” moment but when has this game really been all that important to anything besides the two geekiest fan bases in college football?

No. 7 is FSU vs. Miami (FL)…Ya, these two teams had a good run for 25 years or so, but holy hell has the rest of the “rivalry” (there really wasn’t one until these two teams rose up the rankings in the late 1980′s) been nothing of importance ever. These two programs were complete jokes on the national scene and haven’t been playing that long (first game in 1951). Sorry, that doesn’t deserve a higher ranking.

Don’t even get me started on Oregon vs. Oregon State. Yes, it’s got a cute name, “The Civil War” but the Ducks have dominated this rivalry and the Badgers and Gophs rivalry is separated by just three games. Which one has more meaning and a better chance at being better in 2014?

UW vs. the Gophs was one of just two Big Ten games to make the list, as Michigan vs. Ohio State took the No. 2 spot in the rankings.

No. 1 on the list? Alabama vs. Auburn; and it’s hard to argue considering the two teams have combined to win the last three national championships and the winner has played in each of the last five national championship games.

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