Ball Upgraded, Status Still Uncertain for Nebraska

The status of Montee Ball for Saturday Night's Big Ten opener at Nebraska got a little more clear, well sort of on Tuesday Montee_Ball.jpegafternoon as Bret Bielema addressed the media on the Big Ten Football Coaches Teleconference. 

According to Bielema he wasn't cleared to practice fully, but today he was a limited participant in practice, but not in the way you may think.

"He's been upgraded from yesterday, he's actually going to run & condition with our guys, just a standard normal procedure for a guy that's been in his situation," said Bielema during the teleconference.

"He won't be involved in contact drills today. If he passes everything today we'll see where he is tomorrow and hopefully he'll be cleared by Thursday or Friday."

Some may be wondering if Ball Should be playing at all with the fact that it's his 2nd concussion in just 8 weeks. Bielema addressed it, using the word concussion for the first time with Montee Ball, saying he's not involved with the medical side and leaves it up to the doctors to tell him when a player is ready to go.

But, as for this concussion with Ball, things were a bit different in feeling on Saturday.

"I have seen some guys that have been concussed, it was a different feeling," Bielema said. "You've got guys that never come out of the training room."

That wasn't Ball, who was very active on the sidelines on Saturday and was a big cheerleader for this team following his helmet being put away and the street clothes going on.

"I was told Montee was going to out and I turned around and he was standing next to me and was cheering as loud as anybody and was pretty engaging," Bielema said. "Again, every concussion is different, every player is different, and every situation is different. So everything is a little bit based on the scenario."

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