Bielema continues to show hypocrisy in offering UW commits

Dear Bret Bielema, 

We'd love to let you go and we'd be more than happy to move on. The Badgers have a great man at the helm of their program in Gary Andersen and he's hitting the ground running on and off the field. However, you seem to not want to let us or our committed players go and thus we can't help but to call you out. 

Look, I get it… Coaches will say and do just about anything to get players, other coaches, and fans to buy into their program, but you - you were supposed to be different, you were supposed to be a different kind of coach. After all, that's what you sold us all during your time at Wisconsin and that's what you've tried to sell to the Arkansas fan base and alumni, no? 

Instead what we've all gotten over the past few months is a peeling back of the layers of who you say you are and what your actions say you are.

First you go and get in a stupid Twitter war with trolls that frankly don't do the Wisconsin fanbase a lot of good - but hey, you're the one that keeps responding to the idiots. Nevermind the fact that you said less than seven months ago that you expected your players and you, yourself to be above all of that. 

It was supposed to be over at the end of January after the rant you went on and the flurry of responses you sent out to Wisconsin fans making comments. All was quiet on the Twitter war front and we thought you had learned a lesson and grown up.

Then you go and pull things like this yesterday: 

That's just hypocrisy of the highest order and we've covered the rest of your Twitter war before. You want the Wisconsin fan base to move on? How about stop responding to the trolls, be the bigger man - I bet things will calm down a lot if you're setting the example as a man in a position of leadership and in the public eye. 

However, that's pretty petty stuff when it's all said and done. Why bring it up again then? Well, it's just an example of you not living up to the words you speak and ultimately isn't that how we should measure the character of a man? You know, taking his words and measuring them up to his actions…. 

That brings us to your latest form of hypocrisy - offering Wisconsin's committed recruits. 

You made it abundantly clear that you wouldn't be offering those players committed to Wisconsin out of respect to your former employer over and over again in interviews following your hire at Arkansas and yet here we sit on February 27th, 2013 and we find out that you've now offered not one, but FOUR committed Wisconsin players in the past three months.

The latest being offensive lineman George Panos from Hartland (Arrowhead HS), WI.

Hey, I'm sure he was flattered and all with an SEC offer and perhaps it should be a sign of respect that a kid from Wisconsin is worthy of a major offer from such a prestigious college football conference, yet I seem to have this weird feeling you said you wouldn't be doing this exact thing, no?

Just another example of hypocrisy from a man looking to recruit "uncommon men" to the University of Arkansas. 

No one is perfect and I'm living proof of that, we all do and say things we regret, but when you hold yourself to a certain standard and when you've railed against the way things are done by the majority of people in the world of recruiting for years on end, don't you think it's just a bit strange that you'd join that "common" crowd? 

Don't get mad at us, you're the one that set the standards for yourself. You and your minions at Arkansas can say we aren't moving on and just being petty or whatever you want to throw at us - that's all fine and dandy, but you're the one that has to live with the fact that you are being a hypocrite. 

You've shown yourself to say one thing and do another now that you are gone and perhaps it was all an act at Wisconsin anyway. Thanks for doing us the favor of not having to put up with your hypocrisy anymore and good riddance.

Badger Fans Everywhere

Andrew Coppens

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