Camping with the Badgers 2013: Tight Ends

Those whistles you hear aren't in your head anymore, they're likely coming from Camp Randall today and that's because fall camp begins today!! However, before things get going for real it's time we give you one last bite of the apple known as "Camping with the Badgers" and that means previewing a position group that often goes unnoticed, but has sure gotten the attention of new head coach Gary Andersen - the tight ends. 

Why is this group so beloved by Andersen? Well, lets explore the group and show you why in our last edition of this now annual series previewing fall camp. 

Good News:

Anytime you are bringing back the reigning Big Ten player of the year at any position you're in good shape there and that's what the Badgers are doing with tight end Jacob Pedersen, who won the Kwalick-Clark Tight End of the Year award last season. 

He's part of a position group, just like wide receiver before them, that doesn't lose anyone from last season and that's also good news.

Bad News:

Hard to say there is any bad news out of this group, but if there is it's the fact that there isn't enough playing time to go around for a group as deep and talented as this group.

Questions Entering Camp:

How Will the TE be Used? It's clear that Andersen sees something in this group and sees them as a potentially game changing group on offense. He's hinted that Ludwig may use guys like Pedersen and Arneson as split out ends to help make this offense even more multiple than before. Additionally, expect a lot of two TE sets like before. 

Player(s) to Watch:

Brock DiCicco - Wisconsin plans to use the tight end a lot and Andersen mentioned DiCiccio as a player that made a massive impression this spring. If the huge TE (6-5, 250lbs.) can continue that upward trend in the coaches eyes he's going to force his way on to the field. Given the emphasis on this group by Andersen in the offseason expect DiCicco to be a recipient of more chances in his senior season. 

Austin Traylor - This sophomore could be the next big name in the pass catching tight end at Wisconsin, but watching his camp is more about seeing his growth on the blocking side of things. If he can do well there he could put himself in line for at least some playing time behind Pedersen and Arneson. His development could be an added bonus to a loaded position group already

Probable Depth Chart:

Position 1st team 2nd team
TE Jacob Pedersen Sam Arneson
TE Brian Wozniak Brock DiCicco

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