Every year it's becoming more and more ridiculous at the annual Mifflin Street Block Party and just when you think you've heard it all something new and totally ludicrous happens to spice up the lore.  Early Saturday afternoon reports from friends and via twitter began to surface that star Badger running back Montee Ball was arrested at the annual drunk fest.  

According to the Madison police department Montee Ball was arrested, was cooperative, and was cited for trespassing.  Huh?  Ya, that was my initial reaction to the details of his arrest.  

Those around say he was NOT intoxicated at all and was cited for a simple $426 ticket.  The details beg a few questions to be answered.  

First off, how the heck do you get arrested for trespassing for standing on a porch?  I mean seriously... especially at Mifflin Street of all places.  Honestly, I have no idea how one would get arrested for that at a freaking block party.  

Secondly, you mean to tell me some moron actually picked up the phone and called the cops because they didn't want Montee Ball at "their party"?  What University of Wisconsin student wouldn't want to tell the story some 10 years later at a reunion with college friends... "Hey, remember this one time in college when Montee Ball was at our house?  Ya that was pretty cool, huh?"  

Whoever that was, you sir/ma'am aren't a true Badger.  

Lastly, I've got to ask this - The cops don't have anything bigger or better to worry about during the Mifflin Street block party than arresting a non-intoxicated person because they are standing on a porch?  Chances are someone right behind the house is urinating in public or there's probably about 20 people who are about to get into an actual fight somewhere within a block radius.  

Look, we don't know all the details and Ball may have been refused entry to this "private party" or whatever and he was probably very much wrong for not leaving when asked, but there are probably a lot worse things happening on Mifflin Street as we speak.  

Bret Bielema has taken a pretty hard stance when it comes to player arrests and playing time and you have to think he won't be making an exception for Montee Ball, especially since most thought he'd be a prime candidate for a captain's spot this upcoming season.  My guess is that we'll see at the very least Ball being pulled from the starting lineup and as severe as missing at least a half to the full game against Northern Iowa to open up the season, but only time will tell on this one.

All this lesson in stupidity serves to show is this golden rule for all Wisconsin Athletes that want to avoid arrest or worse... DON'T GO!!!  It sucks, but it's a fact of playing a sport at a sports obssessed university... You'll be a target at these events where big groups of drunk idiots are everywhere around you and chances are cooler heads won't prevail even if you aren't drinking and are just around with friends.  I'm sure this won't be the last time we'll hear of an athlete arrested at the Mifflin Street block party, but having it be Montee Ball of all people is a bit shocking.