LSU & Badgers discussing two neutral site games?


Wisconsin already has a game against current back-to-back national champions Alabama on it's 2015 slate and an upgraded schedule for quite some time into the future. Rumors of LSU and Wisconsin possibly playing a single neutral site game began surfacing late last week, but it appears that the two schools are actually in talks for a series of neutral site games and not just one, like was first rumored.

According to an article on, LSU's athletic director Joe Alleva has acknowledged the fact that there are ongoing discussions between the Badgers and LSU for a game to be played at Lambeau Field (a game that personally I'd love to see since I'm a GB resident and all). However he has indicated things are in the early stages of the process: 

"We're still in the preliminary stages of talking to them," Alleva said Monday. "It's too early. There's too many things to consider. The biggest thing to consider is the value of playing a game that far away versus the value of playing a game in Tiger Stadium. That's what it comes down to.



"From a recruiting standpoint it's a great game to tell kids you are going to go play in Lambeau Field. But Wisconsin is a long way away."

Even more interesting was his admission that it's not just a one-and-done event for these two teams being discussed. Instead Alleva made it clear that it would be a game at Lambeau and a game at Houston's Reliant Stadium. 

According to the article 83% of the LSU fans would be in favor of the Lambeau game, but we may not have an answer to if this deal can happen for another month or two as the SEC is going through the same eight or nine game debate that the Big Ten just answered.  

Alleva also indicated that the financial details need to be worked out. Clearly there is a lot of work to be done before this becomes official, if it happens at all, but the prospect of facing another "brand name" in college football would be a massive boost to the schedule and to the fan experience to say the least. 

In fact, it's something that we will be debating on tonight's Badgers Power Hour - our 2nd ever one that will be LIVE via YouTube and right here at the site at 8:30pm CT. So, make sure you check back for the full show closer to show time itself! 

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