Wisconsin football recognized by NCAA for academics

Rejoice Badger nation…. the Wisconsin football team is smart, like really smart by NCAA standards. In the latest Academic Progress Ratings (which are due out in full) the Badgers are one of just 13 teams recognized by the NCAA for their APR score for the last two year period (2011-12). Just how smart are they? 

Well, they rank 5th in the country and are 2nd in the Big Ten, behind only Northwestern (who was No. 1 in the nation) and ahead of almighty Ohio State!! This is the first honor for the football team in the history of the recognition by the NCAA. 

In order to receive recognition the program must rank in the top ten percent of schools in said sport and that honor should not be taken lightly. Anyone who plays collegiate athletics and big time collegiate athletics at that will tell you the balancing act of classes and sports are not easy. 

Congrats must also be given to the academic support staff who work tirelessly with the student-athletes to help them achieve success in not only the APR, but in the classroom in general. 

Also receiving recognition for the 2011-12 period at Wisconsin were Women's Golf and Women's Tennis. 

Overall Northwestern led the Big Ten contingent with 13 teams recognized, followed by Penn State's 8 and Ohio State's 6 to stand at the top of the podium. 53 Big Ten teams were recognized in total.

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