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Mike Eaves Fires Assistant Coaches

After a 4-26-5 season Mike Eaves was warned by Athletic Director Barry Alvarez that something needed to change if he was going to keep his job.

Mike Eaves did not take Alvarez’s warning lightly. Eaves has reportedly fired assistants Gary Shuchuk and Matt Walsh.


Gary Shuchuk, a former Wisconsin hockey legend, came back to the program after a short NHL career and numerous different coaching jobs. Most notable being his time spent coaching the Wisconsin select U16 team. He helped Mike Eaves and the Badgers behind the bench for four complete seasons  before being asked to leave.

Matt Walsh, who also was once a student athlete at Wisconsin, was also fired after his second season as assistant coach. Walsh was a member of the 1983 national championship winning Badger team.

Mike Eaves is simply making a huge power move here, and I honestly love it. His back is straight up against a wall here and he needed to do something to prove to Badger faithful and more importantly, Barry Alvarez that he is not messing around with his last chance.

Eaves is cleaning house, starting from scratch and I think he too.

Unfortunately, Shuchuk and Walsh may just be innocent casualties in Eave’s fight to put Wisconsin Hockey back on the map, but nevertheless it shows that Eaves is willing to do what ever it takes to start winning again. Love it.

Sawyer Bock

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