MTBTV: Badgers QB Battle shows media doesn’t have all the answers

Welcome to the newest feature on MTBTV, its a segment we're calling "Pundits Don't Know Jack." Have you ever caught yourself yelling at your TV screen or to the radio in your car? I know I have and it is usually because I can't believe what I just heard and the first words out of my mouth are usually…. Clearly this guy doesn't know jack about what he's talking about. 

So, that inspired this new segment. Today, we tackle the media's insatiable need to be the first to guess the QB battle correctly. Instead, we ask the questions none of them are bothering to think of or answer - questions that may hold the true key to the answers we are all looking for. 

Enjoy the debut of "Pundits Don't Know Jack" here on MTBTV: 

Andrew Coppens

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