Should Badgers, Big Ten become spread heavy?

Welcome to the newest edition to the MTBTV family: "Pundits Don't Know Jack" and up this week is's Adam Rittenberg. 

Why him? Simple, he wrote an article earlier this week suggesting the Big Ten needs to change it's image and become a "Spread Conference" to compete nationally. Sure, he brings up some interesting points to ponder. However, he also fails to do some basic research and add in a dash of recent history as well. 

Besides his lack of historical knowledge, Rittenberg conveniently leaves Wisconsin out of his article all together. Why? Well, that's because the Badgers success flies directly in the face of his arguments. How, un-journalistic is that? 

So, sit back and enjoy the reason why Adam Rittenberg joins the crew of "Pundits Don't Know Jack."

Andrew Coppens

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