Border Battle

Wisconsin and Minnesota have long been football and hockey rivals, but in the past 8 years the two have competed in the Border Battle with an updated points system that includes all sports both teams compete in, even if they aren't in direct competion (ie swimming, track, cross-country).  Unfortunately the University of East Dakota has taken the title in the majority of the 8 years, going into this year leading 4-3 and having won the Border Battle each of the last 3 years.  

Thanks to the results at the Big Ten Track & Field Championships where the Badger men won the conference crown the Badgers have taken back the Border Battle, winning this season 455 to 425. (sports are given 40 points total and are divided by 10 per time they meet during the season).  

With the conference crown last weekend along with a higher finish in rowing and Women's Track & Field the Badgers claimed the Border Battle Title.

Here are the results this season and the all time Border Battle Standings for you:

2011-12 Sport by Sport Results: 

(courtesy our friend at Gopherhole.com)

 All-Time Results (since 2004 when Cup was introduced): 

Year Minnesota Wisconsin
2004-05 205 215
2005-06 530 350
2006-07 435 445
2007-08 415 465
2008-09 535 345
2009-10 550 330
2010-11 455 425
2011-12 425 455

As you can see it's been a very close competition every year the Badgers have won it and that's got a lot to do with Women's sports and the non-revenue generating sports in general.  Wisconsin will go in to next season hoping to retain the Border Battle title for the 2nd year in a row, tying the most times it's consecutively held the crown, if they do it.