Could UW Lose Huge Revenue Source Soon?

According to an article by Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal the end could be near for the relationship between Wisconsin and Adidas. Severing ties would mean a huge loss of revenue for an athletic department already in the process of huge renovations and facility improvements across the various sports. 

However, it's a topic that we hit on way back in February and amazingly my thoughts are still relevant and on point five months later. So, check it out for a full perspective on what's going on at Wisconsin.

There are a ton of erroneous reports out there and our article linked above lays out the choices that would be facing Wisconsin. Frankly none of them are looking any too promising and the Badgers could be left with a major, MAJOR issue that affects not only the athletic department, but need based scholarships at the university should a resolution not be met.

It's something that I will be talking about with good friend Mike Holder on AM in the Evening tonight on the Sports Intelligentsia Radio Network. The show starts at 6pm CT, so make sure to check out the other show on the network besides Badgers Power Hour as it's sure to be a lively one tonight, featuring JoePa fallout, Olympic preview, the Jeremy Lin contract, and of course what's up with all the apparel talk! See you there at 6pm CT tonight! 

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