It's nearly the end of the spring seasons for a lot of sports and that's hard to believe, but it got us to thinking about all of the games and events we here at MTB would love to see in college sports.  So in honor of that myself and the rest of the staff committed to our Top 100 games/events on our personal College Sports Bucket Lists and today we're unvieling MTB'S COLLEGE SPORTS BUCKET LIST!!   

The rules? The lists could consists of any college sporting event from Division III to Division I and both men's and women's sports in those divisions as well as specific events (i.e. bowl games, tournaments, championship events).  It also could only consist of games/events you have not seen in person yet, so there will be some things that will surprise you that aren't on this list!!  But hey, it's a bucket list and if you've done it already, then it's off your list, right?  Finally each list was done individually and points awarded from 1 for No. 100 to 100 for ranking No. 1 and from there we got the point totals and ranked them based on overall points from our staff.

So without further ado we give you the first look at the MTB College Sports Bucket List. So sit back and enjoy the journey over the next 100 days as we count down to the No. 1 thing we here want to see before our days are up!!  

Up first....

NO. 100 - Army vs. Canadian Royal Miltary College (DI Men's Hockey) 

Guessing you've probably never thought of or heard of this one, but this is a must see event on the collegiate ice hockey calender nearly every year.  It's the oldest and most played international rivalry in college sports.  Add in the fact that it's USA vs. Canada in hockey and you've got yourself a heck of a game already.  

But we're not even close to being done.  While Army isn't exactly a power in collegiate hockey this game has all the pomp & circumstance of Army-Navy in football and it makes it a must see event right there.  Players and coaches from the very beginning of this series are still alive and keep the memory of what it means to play in this game alive for the current crop who, until this season, hadn't experienced this game.  Just like the service academy games in the United States this game features the corp of cadets from each school in attendance and it makes for a great atmosphere.

Unfortunately it's a game that's also seen some controversy.  After playing for 75 straight years this series took a 5 year break due to a dispute over RMC using civilian and post-graduate players.  Luckily the series was restarted just this past season for at least a three year contract.  So, if you want to see this one get yourselves out to West Point next year or to Canada the season after that. 

All that is fine and dandy, but what about the actual competition on the ice, right?  Well it's a series that's been very competitive since it's 1923 inception with Army holding a 40-29-7 record after their 9-1 trashing of RMC this past season. 

Call us a bunch of suckers for patriotism or for the service academies, but pomp and circumstance is what draws most of us to college sports in the first place and this game gives us a good indication of just what it means to put service over self and that's a lesson we all can use a reminder of from time to time no matter what we're doing with our lives.  Plus on the sporting side this game has the tradition and history that makes it just good enough to squeak into our list this year.  Let's just hope they can extend the international series out beyond these three games, but only time will tell that.

Look for us to post one per day after today as we countdown to the No. 1 spot on our list.  Going forward we'd love to hear your thoughts, too high/too low?  Why is this on the list?  Whatever you've got bring it our way!!