Top 10 reasons why Marquette’s got “Badgers Envy”

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It's rivalry week…. that is if you're a Marquette fan - you've got to hate Wisconsin if you go to dear old MU, right? Well, if you actually talk to the vast majority of people that are fans and students at Marquette it sure sounds like their "hate" for Wisconsin is more a case of "Badger Envy" then anything else. 

Let's face facts, we all know Marquette fans that cheer for Wisconsin. If it's all about "Badger hate" then why oh why do so many of you rush to your TV sets every chance you get to watch what Wisconsin does every Saturday on the football field? That logic is like Badgers fans cheering for Minnesota baseball because we don't happen to have a baseball team and their the closest major program to us. So, clearly there's a bit of "Badger Envy" in each Marquette fan's heart - you wish you could be like us, but you'll never be like us and here's why:

Top 10 Reasons why Marquette has "Badgers Envy":

10. Sam Dekker - You can take your awkward shooting Vander Blue and shove it… Sam Dekker > anything Marquette has on it's roster.

9. Milwaukee is a dump & Madison is awesome- Is that really even up for argument? I mean I've spent plenty of time in both cities and even with the crazy ass wackos that populate Madison it's still a winner over a crime ridden, impoverished city like the Brew City.

8. Devin Harris stuffed their beloved Dwyane Wade - Pretty sure I don't have to get into that one any further, huh?

7. They wish they were in a conference that will actually be relevant in two years - Hey Marquette - good luck with that superpower of a basketball conference the future Big East is going to be… Wow a line up featuring the likes of Houston, SMU, UCF, and Tulane must really up that degree of difficulty… Good luck being in a conference that won't be relevant again. 

6. We have a coach who doesn't look like a douche while dancing - I mean, seriously, do you want to compare Buzz and Bo in terms of dancing? Just guessing an old man that can do the Soulja Boy dance has a few moves he could teach a guy who's one dancing accomplishment is this douchey of douchiest moves: 


5. Because we have and always will have just one nickname for our athletic teams - I mean seriously what are you guys even called these days… Hilltoppers? Golden? Golden Avalanche (oh wait that was for that football team you no longer have)? Golden Eagles? Warriors? How do expect to keep a fanbase when the general public can't even keep track of what you're called?

4. They only wish they could make 14 straight NCAA tournament appearances - For all the junk Marquette fans talk about our streak of missing out on the NCAA tournament, this is something they've never been able to accomplish and we're betting they'd love to know they're making the tourney every single year with their head coaches

3. Wisconsin actually runs a clean program - Do we really even need to compare what's happening and happened in the past 15 years at Marquette to Wisconsin? Keep up the great tradition there Buzz… (insert sarcastic thumbs up and smile)

2. They wish they had a football program of their own - Yes, it's the oldest argument in the book, but it's also one of the purest forms of Badgers envy out there. Again we point out the fact that if you actually "hate" Wisconsin and are a true Marquette fan you shouldn't be cheering for your rivals in anything, unless it's to your team's personal gain. Instead you spend your football-less Saturday's daydreaming of the Golden Avalanche making a return to the field while watching the Cardinal and White run their way to another Big Ten Championship - Pretty sure that's a severe case of "Badgers Envy"

1. Because - "When you say Wisconsin, you've said it all." 

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