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Projecting the future Wisconsin Badgers football scholarship distribution

We’re just two weeks away from the annual celebration of new players coming aboard, otherwise known as national signing day. The Wisconsin Badgers are busy putting out new offers and figuring out where things stand, so we figured it would be a good time to look to the future too.

UW’s new coaching staff has resulted in a few changes to the plan that was put in place by the last coaching staff, but that doesn’t mean it will be that way forever. So, as we look towards the class of 2015 signing on that first Wednesday in February, let’s also take a look at how things are likely to shape up for future classes too.

With only 85 scholarships available every year we’re here to give you a look at how each position will look over the next four years.

Future of Wisconsin Badgers Scholarships (as of 1/20/15):


- Wisconsin has made a move for a second quarterback in the class, adding Alex Hornibrook to the mix. That means a bit of a shakeup in the plan for the future, and it likely tells us that Tanner McEvoy is moving away from the position this season. As such, we’ve projected him to move to safety in our chart.


Running Back:

- It appears the Badgers are going to hang on to all of their running back commits this recruiting cycle, despite a late visit to Oklahoma State by 4-star running back Jordan Stevenson. It’s a situation to keep an eye on, but you can bet UW isn’t going to let this commit go without a massive fight.


Wide Receiver:

- Could Wisconsin be done with just two wide receivers in this class? Doing the math it is hard to see room for any more than the two commits already committed to the Badgers.


Tight End:

- Wisconsin has one of the two commits already on campus, as Kyle Penniston enrolled early. David Edwards is about as solid as any commit to the Badgers as well, so this position is all set in the 2015 recruiting cycle.


Offensive Line:

- Wisconsin lost one commit at the position, as Sam Madden was forced to decommit thanks to an apparent issue with the admissions department. Outside of that, Wisconsin has done a great job of holding on to hot prospects like Kevin Estes and Jon Dietzen (who is enrolled early).


Defensive Line: 

- The fact that we haven’t seen a flip yet from Elu Aydon is interesting, but if there is going to be a loss from the defensive line class expect it to be him. For now we’re keeping him on the list though. Also, keep an eye on defensive end Nate Howard, who has taken a number of late visits and also has yet to flip.



- There could be a lot of movement between today and national signing day at this position. We’ve heard from sources and have read other reports that UW is likely to lose at least one, if not two of its commits at linebacker. We’ve already moved one player off the board in Dominic Shepard, so keep an eye out for this position in the future.



- With Chris Beatty off to Virginia after not being retained by this coaching staff, cornerback T.J. Griffin was as good as gone and that’s exactly what happened. UW will stick with it’s previous three commits, but could be in for a fight for Titus Booker’s services.



- With Tanner McEvoy very likely to move to the position full-time this offseason it may be a swing at the fences situation for the Badgers. By that, I mean UW will likely target one and only one safety heading in to the 2015 national signing day.


Special Teams:

- No doubt the Badgers are set on scholarship players on special teams for the 2015 season. Future years, well, that’s a bit different.


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