MadTown Badgers, Badger247 enter into new recruiting partnership

Green Bay, Wisc. - From the time of our founding, we here at MadTown Badgers have prided ourselves on giving you not only the best of writing, but of being innovative and we’ve done that in the past by bringing you things like the “world famous” Badgers Power Hour and our fan driven football pre and post game show – Wisconsin SoundOff LIVE. Today, we are proud to continue in that tradition as we announce Badger247 as our exclusive partner for all things Wisconsin Badgers recruiting.

"I'm very excited that Madtown Badgers will be turning to 247sports and Badger247 for their coverage of Wisconsin football and basketball recruiting," said Badger247 publisher Evan Flood. "It's been a pleasure to work with them over the years and watch them grow as a site. Also looking forward to their input on Badger247 during the football and hoops seasons."

As part of this agreement MadTown Badgers will be exclusively using 247sports information, rankings, etc. when talking recruiting as well as having Evan providing us with some exclusive coverage on our site and in our work on Badgers Power Hour. In return MadTown Badgers will be providing some exclusive commentary and coverage of Badgers football and basketball over at Badger247.

“Over the course of my time covering Badger sports Evan has been a great resource and his dedication to his craft is second to none,” said MadTown Badgers managing editor Andy Coppens. “Evan has been open to helping us and has been there since our staff’s time at This partnership will be a unique way to bridge the passion that Evan and 247sports has for recruiting with our passion for all things Badgers. We look forward to working together in bringing new and inventive coverage that both sets of readers can enjoy in the coming months and years.”

More details will be announced in the coming weeks, but we look forward to working alongside Evan, Badger247, and the 247sports network to provide you with some of the best recruiting coverage out there in Badgerland. So, while you are at it, make sure you sign up for all that Badger247 has to offer. They’ve got a great promotion going on now, sign up and you’ll get the rest of the YEAR for free – hard to beat that! 

Andrew Coppens

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