The life long love of Wisconsin athletics and college sports led our Editor, Andy, to start blogging the Badgers in April of 2011 at a previous site.  This particular site was born out of that love in January of 2012 and we strive to bring you the most up to date news and opinions on all things Badgers Athletics both with a journalistic tinge, but also with some humor as well.  Let's face it, it's college athletics, it should be fun!!

No other site is as comprehensive in their coverage as we not only bring you football, basketball, hockey, and Women's sports coverage here on MadTown Badgers, but we also have a radio show called Badgers Power Hour, and are very active in local communities throughout Wisconsin through watch parties and charitable events.  So, be on the look out for us in a city, village, or town near you.

Our staff is dedicated to bringing you the best so let's meet said staff!!  

Andy Coppens: - (Editor/Featured Columnist):  I have lived in Wisconsin all of my life and grew up listening to Badgers football in the early/mid-80's with my father on Saturday afternoons as we did projects outside or around the house. My love of sports and the Badgers have roots in those memories.  

My greatest in person memory as a Badgers fan was seeing Anthony Davis go for 301 yards rushing against the Goophs during the 2002 season.  However, my all-time favorite memory is seeing the Badgers beat Miami in the Champ Sports Bowl and send Barry Alvarez out a winner.  No one has meant more to this program with the exception of Pat Richter than Barry and seeing him take down the once mighty Hurricanes was amazing.

Outside of the Badgers I also enjoy the Cyclones of Iowa State as I attended ISU and my love of college sports only grew during that period of time.  Upon my return from ISU I began to write about college sports in general and took the plunge into covering the Badgers full-time in April of 2011.  It's been a dream job and I love every minute of the hard work and long hours, bringing you the best coverage we can.

Caissa Casarez: (Women's Sports Editor/Hockey Columnist): Caissa is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and her experience at the University makes her uniquely qualified to cover the Badgers here.  She worked as a student assistant in the Athletic Communications department and grew to love not only Women's Sports but Hockey as well.  

She's in charge of our Women's Sports coverage and will also join us in analyzing and covering both Men's and Women's hockey.

Arman Belding: (Football Analyst): Arman is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and hails from the state of New Jersey (just don't call him a coastie). His main love is Badger football and you can find him chatting it up on Badgers Power Hour with Andy on a weekly basis.  

He's alos our football video extrodinare, so make sure you check his stuff out on youtube under the name of namra1205.

Cole Brown: (Basketball Reporter): Cole is a massive basketball fan and hails from Milwaukee, WI.  He enjoys all things Wisconsin sports and brings a younger flavor to the team here at MTB.  His coverage blends a good mix of strategy, stats, and opinion to the basketball coverage here.

Nate Woelfel: (Hockey Reporter): Nate brings a unique blend of journalistic and hockey experience as he also covers DIII Hockey and is a free-lance journalist by trade.  He's got a great love of both Badger Hockey and Badger Football.

He'll be bringing you the main news and notes on all things Badgers hockey throughout the year.