Badgers football move trip to Hawaii from 2021 schedule

Those of you looking forward to a trip to Hawaii in September of 2021, you may want to reconsider those plans. As the fine folks at (seriously if you aren’t following you need to reevaluate your football life) noticed a few sets of changes to the Rainbow Warriors’ future schedules.

Among them was a shift in the first date of the home-and-home series between Wisconsin and Hawaii. Instead of meeting on Sept. 4, 2011, is reporting the game has been moved back to the season opener in 2024.

Hawaii’s trip to Madison won’t change though, as the two teams are still scheduled to meet on Sept. 17, 2022.

With the change, it means the Badgers currently have an away date with Hawaii and then a home contest against Virginia Tech just two weeks later in the 2024 schedule. It also means the 2021 schedule now features no currently known non-conference contests.

One of the more interesting developments is the fact that Hawaii is scheduling games that far out, as there have been many rumors about the future of the Rainbow Warriors football program’s existence.

Will these games even happen? Time will tell, but at least for now the plans for 2021 will have to be moved back to 2024 on the beaches of Hawaii.

Andrew Coppens

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